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The zombie was the disguise of Sally Harstone, who was trying to scare her ex-husband into not selling their old house, so they could get back together.

Physical appearance

Partially created with movie special effects makeup, the zombie has dark blue hair, orange-red eyes and broken teeth. Its skin has spots which suggest rotting flesh and it dresses in a torn suit jacket and matching pants, torn white shirt and loafers (without socks).


Speaking with menacing groans and roars, it acts very terrifying, but not very intelligent.


Cartoon Network Presents

Sally Harstone unmasked

Sally Harstone unmasked.

Haunting the Harstone Mansion, the zombie scares away enough potential buyers of the estate that its owner, Sam Harstone, calls on Mystery Incorporated to investigate. Instead, Scrappy-Doo and a pizza guy arrive on the scene and are chased by the zombie throughout the residence. It leaps at them, swipes at them and seems prepared to wrestle Scrappy, when it falls on its stomach due to its shoelaces being tied together. With the police and Sam Harstone present, the zombie is unmasked and revealed to be his ex-wife Sally, who had only donned the costume to keep him from moving so that they might try to rekindle their relationship.



Zombie: Grraaa ha ha haaa! Guh-tcha!

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