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Zeke Harkins was an escaped convict.

Physical appearance

As the zombie, he had pale skin, a bald head, and red eyes. He wore a light brown jacket with a red shirt under it, brown pants, and brown boots. It is unknown what he looked like normally since he was never shown out of his zombie disguise.


He's mostly silent until he and Aggie converge on the location where the money's buried. He pokes fun at Aggie's reaction to seeing him there. However, he's also a bit of a coward, as he decides to run away after the gang pretends to turn Aggie into a frog.


Early life

He broke out of jail when he found out that his ex-girlfriend, Aggie Wilkins, had heard about the location of his hidden loot in the woods (near the Hatfield's cabin).

The Scooby-Doo Show

Season two

Zeke posed as a zombie to evade the police. While he and Aggie (disguised as the Ghost of Witch McCoy) came into contact when digging for the money, the gang set their trap scaring him away, but Scooby-Doo managed to catch him. Aggie was then unmasked and both were taken away by the sheriff.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Helge Winther-Larsen Norwegian
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