This article is about the deceased Yeti from the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode, That's Snow Ghost. For its ghostly impostor, see Snow Ghost. For other incarnations, see Yeti (disambiguation).

The Yeti was a snow creature living in Tibet. He supposedly became the Snow Ghost after a confrontation with Fu Lan Chi.

Physical appearance

The Yeti was a white, fur-covered humanoid male.


Assuming Fu Lan Chi's story is real, the Yeti was an aggressive creature who attacked Fu Lan with no apparent reason, although it can be implied that it tried to kill him or eat him. The Yeti is also shown to be very vindictive, coming back as a ghost to haunt the old man for having (indirectly) caused its death.


Early life

It encountered Fu Lan in the snow-covered mountains, where the latter quickly tried to get away, by jumping to the safety of a narrow ledge of a wide gauge; when the former did the same, it landed to the left of him, but there was nothing there, and just fell to its death. The Tibetan man thought he was safe, but the Yeti came back as a ghost to exact its revenge. This caused Fu Lan to flee Tibet.

He found a cave to live in, near Wolf's End Lodge, where he told his story to its manager, Mr. Greenway. This gave Mr. Greenway the idea to dress up as the ghost, himself, dubbing it the "Snow Ghost", to keep snoopers away from his and Mr. Leech's smuggling ring.

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

Mystery Inc. took a vacation at Wolf's End Lodge, inevitably becoming curious; their search led to Fu Lan's cave, where he told them his story as well.



  • The Yeti, while not being one that the gang has faced themselves, is the first real monster/ghost of the franchise.
  • It's unknown if Fu Lan was told of the outcome. The gang didn't believe him, so if he was making it up, there'd be no reason to; still, they could've had the courtesy of informing him (a worried elderly man) of the truth.