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* Physical appearance; clothing.
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Wu was the acrobatic partner of Mei Ling.

Physical appearance

Wu is a young Asian male with short black hair. He wore a typical gymnast outfit, headband and shoes, in tones of purple and yellow.


Though he seldom talks, Wu first appeared to be dedicated to acrobatics with Mei Ling. However, it's later revealed he's greedy and ambitious when he stole the candy ring to gain money. He's also very determined to make sure there were no witnesses to his crime as numerous times he hunted Shaggy Rogers to prevent him from getting identified.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Wu is revealed as the culprit.

Season three

He stole the Ling Ming Candy Ring and used the Dragon to scare Shaggy off because he saw him steal it and thought Shaggy could identify him to the police. He captured Mei Ling, his partner, so she would stop saving them from the dragon. He also had help piloting the beast from his team of acrobats.


  • His overall appearance, notably the headband, makes him visually similar to Mortal Kombat protagonist Liu Kang.