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* Physical appearance.
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The workman lives in Crystal Cove.

Physical appearance

He is an overweight African American, who is at least in his mid-late thirties. He has black hair and sideburns.


He seems to be as stupid as his partner, as he backed away a little, frightened, after the latter thought a broken down wall underground led to another dimension.[1]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Victims of Slime Mutant

Workmen and foreman cocooned.

He sweated it out while he worked a jackhammer, as his boss slacked off. Suddenly, a wall gave way as his boss relaxed on it, with his subordinates checking on him, but were quickly blamed for it. They started to investigate the cave they found, leading to some radioactive barrels. The foreman ordered them open, with the overweight one grabbing a crowbar, but before he could do anything, his partner had already opened one with the Slime Mutant inside, who cocooned them in an odd substance.

During the gang's investigation, Fred Jones, Jr. stole one of the bodies from an ambulance and shoved in the back of the Mystery Machine to be studied by Professor Emmanuel Raffalo.[1]

He was placed under Aphrodite's love spell, with the rest of the town. In the climax of Aphrodite's plan to be crowned, she had the workman, his co-worker, and some other citizens carry on her on a throne. At this point, the gang sprayed all the victims with an antidote.[2]



  • When Emmanuel Raffalo fakes his cocooning, he still looks distinguishable, but none of the construction workers do, despite each looking distinct.

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