Wonderworld Inc. is a theme park where "all fantasies become reality". The park is divided into various sections featuring different time periods and locations. These include:

Physical appearance

A display in the Main building of Wonderland detailing Outlawworld and Londonworld.

Wonderworld has various mini theme parks that enable anyone to live their dream; an example is the option to solve a mystery with Sherlock Holmes in Londonworld. It is revealed that Wonderworld accomplishes this by using robots in place of people, animals, and other moving objects; all robots used in the park are specially programmed never to injure any visitors in the park. To accompany a specific theme, background scenery and buildings were created in order to make the section more realistic. In the lobby of the main Wonderworld building, displays can be seen which detail each park, and are most likely there for visitors to browse before deciding on a park to visit.


Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (first series)

Mystery Inc. visited Wonderland in order to allow Velma Dinkley to live her fantasy of solving a mystery with Sherlock Holmes; the mystery takes place in Londonworld.



  • While only three sections of Wonderworld are seen in the episode it appears in, it is presumed that other areas exist.
  • A tram car is used to navigate through the extensive sections of Wonderworld.