Winsor was a young graduate student working in paleontology with Professor Svankmajer.

Physical appearance

Winsor looks just like Velma, except he is taller, somewhat thinner, and his hair is a bit shorter. He also wears an explorer's outfit.


He was charming to Velma Dinkley, but he also lied to her about his true motives in his digging excavation. However, he did feel remorse for his crimes and apologized to Velma. He was quite happy to learn that Velma still liked him and agree to a date that she made after his release from prison.


Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur

They found a complete dinosaur encased in quartz at the La Serena Silver Mine, a priceless find they decided to keep for themselves. They used holograms and costumes to create a large Fiery Phantosaur and Velociraptors to scare people away so they could dig out the crystal in secrecy.

Winsor and Velma were instantly attracted when they met at the dig. They discussed dinosaur fossils and discovered they had a lot in common.

They went out to dinner together at a sushi restaurant. They were oblivious for quite a while that Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo were having trouble riding a motorcycle on the street outside. Eventually, Velma caught on and went out to help rescue them.

When he and Professor Svankmajer were caught in the cave, he confessed his part in the crime, including designing a holographic Fiery Phantosaur. Velma was unhappy that he didn't tell her before.

Velma was still attracted to him in the end and said she would date him again after he got out of jail.



Winsor: Oh my, gosh did you get those at SpecMasters?

Winsor: (referring to Professor Svankmajer) Don't you mean we would have gotten away with it?

Winsor: Sorry, Velma. I put crime before science.