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"Iron" Will Williamson, better known as Dead Justice, was the first sheriff of Crystal Cove.

Physical appearance

He was a Caucasian male with a pronounced chin. He wears a big coat, a cowboy hat and a big red bandanna.


He was a dedicated, relentless lawman.

Skills and abilities

He was a fantastic left-handed gunslinger, doing stunts like shooting guns out of people's hands and shooting the hats off their heads.


Early life

About a century ago, he came to Crystal Cove when it was overrun by outlaws. He decided to clean up the town of outlaws right there and then. The townspeople named him sheriff, and nicknamed him Dead Justice. Then one day a dangerous outlaw came to Crystal Cove, Nitro Wisinski. Dead Justice vowed that he would go to the ends of the Earth to arrest Nitro. His chase ended when both he and Nitro fell into a volcano, where he cuffed Nitro as they sank into their deaths in the lava.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Years later, Deputy Bucky impersonated his ghost as part of a scheme to discredit the Sheriff and take his job.



  • His name might be a reference to the RockStar video game Red Dead Redemption character Bill Williamson as they both share a similar name.
    • Furthermore his appearance seems to be based upon Red Harlow, the protagonist of Red Dead Revolver, another RockStar game.
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