Wildwind is a rock band, comprising of Dark Skull, Stormy Weathers, and Lightning Strikes.



Scooby-Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire

They dressed up like vampires in order to kidnap members of bands so they could win.[1]

Bitter about losing the Vampire Rock Concert the previous year, Wildwind decided to make a disappearing act in an attempt to boost their careers and make a surprise comeback at the next year's event. In order to bypass the rule that wouldn't allow them to play again, they disguised themselves as the festival's supervisor, Daniel's assistant Russell and the Two Skinny Dudes, an unsigned band in the contest.

The three of them then took advantage of the urban legends surrounding them and disguised themselves as vampire versions of Wildwind. Their plan was to kidnap all the contestants of the festival (even their former manager's newest band, the Bad Omens) and convince them to take diving trips so the Two Skinny Dudes would win by default and close out the festival. However, the crowd wouldn't see the Two Skinny Dudes come on stage, but Wildwind instead. They hoped that closing out the festival would boost their careers.

To make the vampire facade convincing, they used smokescreens and their rock climbing equipment to make it look like they could fly and used special hologram projectors to create the Yowie Yahoo.

When the Hex Girls and Mystery Inc. arrived, Wildwind knew right away that the latter would go after the former should anything happen to them. They hoped that kidnapping the Hex Girls would send Mystery Inc. on a wild goose chase and leave an open spot for the Two Skinny Dudes to take over. When the Hex Girls were offered to take the diving trip, they refused and Wildwind left them alone in the Outback.

Wildwind's plan went awry when Mystery Inc. found their hideout and their equipment and tried to chase them away, only for Scooby's dog collar to reflect sunlight at the Yowie Yahoo, destroying it. Wildwind then tried to attack the gang personally, but were caught by a net and then unmasked. After explaining their plan and what happened to the bands, they were arrested.