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|family=[[Gomez Addams]] (father); [[Morticia Addams]] (mother); [[Pugsley Addams]] (brother)
|family=[[Gomez Addams]] (father); [[Morticia Addams]] (mother); [[Pugsley Addams]] (brother); [[Grandmama]] (grandmother)
|actor=[[Cindy Henderson]]
|actor=[[Cindy Henderson]]

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Wednesday Addams is the young daughter of the Addams Family.

Physical appearance



Like all the Addams, she is attracted to the macabre.

The New Scooby-Doo Movies



Gomez: "I guess I lost my head."
Wednesday: "Really? That sounds like fun!"

(upon stabbing herself in the thumb with a needle) "Ow! I was playing with my voodoo doll and I sticked my finger!"

(when the Scooby gang are scared by a levitating table) "It always does that when you bang it!" "Exactly! Forget it, it's just a false alarm!"


  • She wears a pink dress which is unusual as she traditionally wears darker colours
  • She likes to stab a doll with needles
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