Wanda Grubwort was a witch from Erie Pointe in the 1800s.

Physical appearance

In life, Wanda was a short Caucasian woman with stringy hair and warts covering her face and hands, her spirit resembled her except for that it was slightly translucent with a white tinge, was smaller than a regular human, and was only her torso and head.

Wanda Grubwort's spirit.


Wanda was a dark witch. When her land was taken she became forsaken and wretched in creating the Lake Monster of Erie Pointe.

Powers and abilities

  • In life (and while possessing Velma Dinkley), Wanda could change frogs into Lake Monsters.
  • She could also control her spirits through the moonstones, and possess people's bodies.
  • She could pull objects towards her even without her staff (at least in spirit form).


Early life

When some settlers landed on her territory she told them to leave, but they ignored her, so she put a spell on some frogs turning them to monsters. They attacked the villagers strangling one man to death. She was tried and was burned for her witchcraft, where her spirit lay in the moonstones of her staff, waiting for revenge.

Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster


Wanda Grubwort returned when her moonstones were discovered by the gang. She possessed Velma when she touched her first moonstone and had her search for the others. Along the way, Grubwort used Velma to sabotage the gang's attempts to discover the secret of the Lake Monster, her own monster of a frog which she created years ago, who had come back to wreak havoc on Daphne Blake's uncle's country club. Fred Jones and Daphne found out from old Erie Pointe Citizen papers that Wanda had children, believing that her descendants may want revenge.

Wanda/Velma took the moonstone Shaggy found in a sand trap, and raided her descendant's house looking for the last one. There, the gang learned that Grubwort was possessing Velma and her descendant helped the gang stop Grubwort from re-obtaining her power. The gang used scuba gear to get into Grubwort's underwater cave, where they saw Grubwort turning three more frogs into monsters like her other monster. Fred and Daphne were chased by the monsters, while Shaggy and Scooby tried to help Velma fight off Grubwort's spirit. It finally worked when Shaggy expressed his love for Velma and freed her by the two of them singing "By the Light of the Silvery Moon". However, Grubwort was still existed as a ghost, and tried to summon her moonstone staff back to herself, but Scooby-Doo fetched it and destroyed it, turning the frog monsters back to regular frogs and Grubwort's ghost exploded, but not before saying she would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for the meddling kids and their rotten dog.


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