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Walter Claphammer was a security guard at Happy Toyland.

Physical appearance

He is a slender Caucasian male with auburn hair. He wears a blue security guard uniform with a black tie.


He takes his job as security overly seriously, and even insisted on being called "Officer Claphammer" instead of "Mr. Claphammer," due to his authority. He also refers to customers as "civilians."


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Walter Claphammer arrested

Claphammer is arrested.

Season one

The gang found him at the security station watching over the surveillance cameras and monitors. He reluctantly let them investigate the how the toys had been coming to life, as he didn't think some kids would be able to do any good.

It was revealed he used the diversion of living toys, so he could hide some paintings he had stolen from the art museum across from the mall.



Claphammer: Oh, no. Not you meddling kids!"


  • He somewhat resembles and sounds like actor Don Knotts, with a similar career and personality to Barney Fife (one of Don's most famous characters).
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