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* Personality.

Dr. Wade Magny was the scientist disguise of Edward Nygma.

Physical appearance

Wade Magny is a thin caucasian male with black hair. He wears a white dress shirt with black pants and black shoes. He also wears a maroon necktie, a grey lab coat, and safety goggles.


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Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Nygma, posing as Dr. Wade Magny, began working for Professor Archilles Milo to gain credibility as a criminal. To aid in Milo's illegal and dangerous teleportation experiments, he conned the innocent Dr. Leo Scarlett into working for Milo as well. When the experiments went out of control, Batman intervened to shut Milo down and ultimately had to save Magny and Scarlett from the machine. While Magny was saved, Scarlett's lab coat tore and he was sucked into teleportation portal and disappeared.


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