The mansion was the home of Vladimar Harstikor.


Early history

From his mansion, Vladimar watched with hatred as the city around him grew; he hated people and wanted only to be left alone. It was then that a toy store was built right close to his house, which had a beautiful clock tower. It drove him into madness, to where the legend said he became pure hate, vanishing in a flurry of snow and bitterness, to form a snowman with a sinister and evil soul. It was then that he mysteriously vanished, and the giant clock tower stopped working.

Scooby-Doo! Haunted Holidays

20 years later, he returned to finish what he started, but this Sinister Snowman was revealed to be Fabian Menkle, and that he had sent Vladimar to Miami Beach, as a part of his plan to tear down the toy store which belonged to his uncle.


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