Vladimar Harstikor was an elderly man who lived across the street from Menkle's Toy Store.

Physical appearance

He is a thin, elderly man with white hair, a mustache, and bags under his eyes. He wears Victorian style clothes consisting of a tan dress shirt, a dark tan waistcoat, a maroon overcoat, and black pants and shoes. He also carries a cane.


He was that he hated people so much and wanted to be left alone,  he hated the toy store's music but this was likely an exaggeration or a complete fabrication by Fabian Menkle


Scooby-Doo! Haunted Holidays

The Sinister Snowman was rumored to be the ghost of an elderly man named Vladimar Harsticore. Fabian Menkle, nephew of Menkle's Toy Store owner Havros Menkle, told the gang that Vladimar despised people and watched with hatred as the city around him grew. When the toy store was built across the street from his mansion, the store's famous clock tower drove him into madness and, according to legend, Vladimar became pure hate and vanished in a flurry of snow. At the time that he mysteriously vanished, the toy store's clock tower stopped working. Fabian stated his belief that the attacks on the toy store were because Vladimar returned as the Snowman to finish what he started.

When the Snowman was trapped, the gang discovered that Fabian himself was responsible for the Sinister Snowman and the attacks on the toy store. He was embezzling money and trying to make Havros look crazy so he could take control of the store. The gang determined that Vladimar Harsticore's supposed disappearance was actually because he was in Miami, Florida. Velma found a postcard he sent his house staff that featured a photo of himself relaxing on Miami Beach.



  • While it is not explicitly stated why Vladimar was in Miami, the postcard, the weather damaged state of his house, and length of absence suggests that he permanently or semi-permanently relocated there.
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