Vincent Van Helsing is an author and vampire expert from Petit Chauve Sourie Ville.

Physical appearance

Younger Van had brownish hair, while the older one had grey hair. Other than that, there were no real major differences in their appearances. He had a large grey mustache, a red bow tie, some traditional clothes of authors and was seemingly overweight. He also wore large glasses and the top of his head was bald but had a small hair wisp which was weak and too old be straight up, thus fallen down covering some of his bald head.


As a "purist" and traditionalist about old-school vampires lore, he was unhappy that his vampire books (like The Lord's Return) were not successful, while more romantic books (like Silverlight) were bestsellers. What nobody realized was how far he was willing to go to change that.


Early life

After writing The Lord's Return, he gained interest from Velma Dinkley. He decided to make the book best seller hoping it would sell really well. Unfortunately for him, the lesser the belief in vampires came to be, the less the interest in reading stories about them became. So he had no other choice but try to somehow bring Lord Valdronya back to life.

Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

Vincent Van Helsing unmasked.

His books were doing badly and tourism for little bat town was very low, so he used the myth of Lord Valdronya, a centuries old vampire, to bring more people, and even decided to create a costume of Valdronya for himself to use if needed and when the Fangenschanz actors staged a vampire wedding, he exploited it for the publicity it would bring in for his new book, The Bride of the Vampire. He decided he could take a vampire bride himself if needed for his books to rise in higher selling, so he used a costume of Lord Valdronya, an ancient vampire, and tried to take Daphne.

When Valdronya came to claim his bride, he started chasing down shaggy and scooby doo. Van Helsing dressed himself as the vampire too as he needed clues for the wedding and was unfortunately captured by the gang. When he was unmasked, he claimed that all of this had to happen so he could stage a vampire wedding for his new book, the Bride of the vampire, so he exploited the ritual of the actors into making Daphne the bride of Valdronya. He was later taken to prison along with the actors.