Vincent Thorne was an actor known for his role of Stinkweed in various films starring the character.

Physical appearance

Vincent Thorne is a Caucasian male with a long, thin head, a large nose, light brown hair, and a goatee. He wears a blue suit, white shirt, and a light blue tie.


Thorne appeared to be good-natured when he claimed he didn't commit the robberies at the Coolsville Mall and was set up for it. He also seemed generous, such as when the gang asked for 25 cents a day (plus candy expenses), he was willing to increase it to $25 per day if they helped him. However, his affable attitude was to try and throw law enforcment off the track. 


A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

Vincent Thorne unmasked

Thorne unmasked.

He was the actor who played Stinkweed, which made Grady Laurence jealous. He first met the gang the day after Stinkweed robbed the stores in the mall. He claims that he didn't do it, and begs the gang to help clear his name. He later called the gang, saying he's found a clue, however they saw him in trouble, and ran into Stinkweed. Later after he was unmasked as Stinkweed, it was revealed that he got so fed up with the role, he didn't want to make another Stinkweed movie, hating Stinkweed. However, rather than simply announce he is no longer playing Stinkweed, he dressed up like the monster and robbed the Coolsville Mall so people would start hating it and his producers would stop making Stinkweed movies. Presumably, he wanted to quit acting altogether, as the ill-gotten money from the robbery would be sufficient to finance his retirement from acting. He also tried to frame Grady by sticking the cash register he stole in his motorhome and making footprints with his shoes (which is what gave him away). He was later arrested by FBI Special Agent Jane Thursday, who was investigating the robberies at the mall the whole time.



Vincent Thorne: Yes, it’s me. I couldn’t stand making one more Stinkweed movie. I hate Stinkweed!

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