View from the Tower is the second and final story in Scooby Apocalypse #11, by DC Comics. It was preceded by The Search.


Powerful and dangerous businessman, Rufus T. Dinkley is trapped in his tower, trying to force the few scientists he has left to control the monsters that Project Elysium transformed most of civilization.


While the world is ravaged by monsters outside his tower, Rufus can only blame his family for the terrors which resulted in initiating Project Elysium, which he personally funded. While thinking about his family and his career, his beautiful, younger wife, Daisy walks in, complaining about Dr. Mondoor. She also worries about the monsters, who will eventually find their way into the tower, but he just tells her to get a martini and a handful of Valium.

Rufus goes to see Dr. Mondoor, who's been tied up for several weeks and forced to work on what he thinks is a cure. Mondoor is tired and hungry, but Rufus just wants answers to how he can control the monsters. When Mondoor replies that he doesn't know, Rufus punches him in anger, which promptly kills him. This has no faze on Rufus, who has another scientist in mind, if he can remember where he put her away.


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