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Grimes is the vice principal of Coolsville High School.

Physical appearance

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A very strict disciplinarian, being in charge of discipline for the school, but rather fair and concerning, as he lets the gang back into the school after solving the mystery and apologizes for wrongly accusing them.


Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins

He was suspected for being the Specter by the gang for a time because he checked out a book from the library on raising the dead. He turned out to be innocent, and was kidnapped and threatened by the real specter, Principal Deedle. It would also be hinted that maybe it looked like he checked out that book, but Principal Deedle may have forged his name on there to make it look like he did. When the gang captured Deedle at the end, he allowed the gang back into the school and appologized for wrongly accusing them. With Deedle fired from his job, Grimes has become the new principal.



Grimes: And I want to personally apologize for wrongly accusing you. I just... I just love this school so much.

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