Vernon Crow is Maude Frickert's handyman.

Physical appearance

Vernon is a large and surly-looking Caucasian male with short brown hair. He wears blue denim overalls, a light blue shirt with a white sweatshirt underneath (this one is barely visible), a brownish-green farmkeeper hat, and brown farm shoes/boots.


He is easily tricked. He also doesn't seem to be very bright as he is still learning how to work a doorknob. He also seems to be somewhat overprotective of his employer, always chasing off anyone who comes near the farm, fearing they are looking for the secret formula. Because of this, two men who were simply wanting to rent the farm for a rock festival had to run all over the farm avoiding him to try and speak to Maude, and only after he disappeared did they get a chance to explain themselves.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

When he saw the gang and Jonathan Winters on her property, he thought they were trespassers and was going to run them off. Mr. Winters tricked him by throwing his voice so that Crow thought he heard Mrs. Frickert inviting them in. It was suspected that he was actually just playing dumb to fool the gang and was actually the scarecrow, but he was innocent.


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