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Velma Dinkley is the brains of the mystery-solving gang.

Physical appearance

Velma is a Caucasian teenaged female, with chin-length auburn hair, and freckles. She wears thick-framed square glasses, a turtle neck sweater, a short red skirt, short orange knee-length socks and red Mary Jane shoes.


She is very intelligent, although this conflicts with her people skills. She doesn't know how to swim, making her deathly afraid of the water.[1] She has to wear water rings, not only on her arms, but on her neck, too.[2] She also hates water in all its elements.[3] Sometimes, Velma will get very frustrated and go into a state of paranoia and hysteria if she is unable to deduce a logical explanation behind the case.[4]


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

File:Velma as little girl in Renn Scare.jpg

A flashback showing her when she was a little girl happens in Renn Scare. She was pointing out inaccuracies, including the man in the duck suit who also appears in How to Train Your Coward in the present.

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  • Velma was originally supposed to have trouble lying, but it was dropped when it became difficult finding scenes to put it in. Velma's love of rules comes from Kate Micucci.[5]
  • This incarnation of Velma has lipstick. Although, her previous incarnations did not.
  • Micucci also voiced Velma in the two LEGO Scooby-Doo! shorts The Getaway and Impossible Imposters, before the series started.

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