The bookshop[Note 1] was owned Velma Dinkley, during the disbandment of Mystery Inc. It specialised in mystery genre.


Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

She drearily took an order for some books from the Hairaiser series. As she watched Daphne Blake reminisce in a TV interview about one of their old cases, she commented that solving mysteries was a lot better than selling them. At that moment, she received a call from Fred Jones who was attempting to get the gang back together to surprise Daphne on her birthday.

After the gang, along with Det. Beau Neville, solved a werecat and zombie case on Moonscar Island, and were preparing to leave, she brought up her shop in a conversation with Beau.


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  • Her shop is of course forgotten in the following films, since the gang took over all her time.


  1. The shop has three different names: "Dinkley's Mystery Book Shoppe" on the window; "Dinkley's Mystery Books" on the sign sticking out; and then she calls it "Mystery Inc. Bookshop" on the phone.