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The Vampire was the disguise of Sheila Altoonian.

Physical appearance

The Vampire was female, with a bald head, light blue skin, pink glowing eyes, and black clothes.


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Powers and abilities

Flight: The Vampire had the ability to fly, but Sheila actually tied herself on a rope and using the abilities like a flying squirrel, which how people see a real flying vampire.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Sheila Altoonian unmasked

Sheila Altoonian unmasked.

The Vampire first attacked when she stole a painting. She then attacked the gang in a greenhouse and stole a Star Orchid. The gang went to Dr. Calamari's restaurant and found the Vampire, but the gang accidentally locked themselves in a cage and the Vampire stole a bottle of wine.

The Vampire was trying to steal a ruby in a museum called the Devil's Eye. Scooby-Doo cut the second net and it fell on her. Daphne was prepared to stake her heart, but it quickly removed her mask, revealing it was Sheila Altoonian all along. She was jealous that her looks were fading away while Nan Blake still looked like a teenager. Believing her rival to be a vampire, Sheila read a book about the youth juice that would make her young and beautiful forever. She knew how to glide like a flying squirrel, so she dressed herself as a lady vampire to steal the ingredients. Nan arrived and found out Sheila was the Vampire.

Sheila was then taken to jail by Sheriff Bronson Stone.[1]



Vampire: Give me that painting!

Vampire: That wine will be mine.

Vampire: Fools!

Vampire: One more ingredient and I will have eternal youth. FOREVER!

Vampire: I want that ruby! The Devil's Eye. Finally I will have eternal youth of a vampire.

Vampire: Let me go! I'll strain you all!

Vampire: Wait! I'm not a real vampire, I'm..." (unmasks herself to reveal Sheila Altoonian)


The vampire

From the online game.

  • The Vampire was the first villain in the series to unmask herself, under threat of staking by Daphne.


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