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My reaction to most edits.

I do what I do because someone has to do it. If you don't like what I do, then quite frankly, I don't care. You think this is the only Scooby-Doo site on the internet? Well, it's not. Ignorance, even after you've been told you've been doing something wrong, will not be tolerated. You can be rude and throw insults, but that will not get you anywhere. If this wiki doesn't cater to the needs of you, then go to (who wants to beat us, or taken it upon themselves to take it personally and therefore beat me, which they're doing a splendid job at. Not), where you can do what you want, how you want it, and no one will ever question you. You can even insult me with other like minded individuals, and get away with it. You can thank Sannse for that, who will allow you to virtually say anything you want about someone and get away with it. Ain't that grand?

Some of you don't check your message wall after I send you a message (some of you don't know how to use it, you must be able to see the alert button that appears on the black bell image in the right hand corner of the screen). If you haven't followed with what I've said then you haven't seen it or have seen it and just ignoring me out of spite (or whatever). So, I will probably ban you to get your attention. Don't take this with a defeatist attitude (because you have to wait for the allotted time to end). Just tell me you've seen it, understand it, then I can lift the ban as quick as possible.


A blog about my treatment on Scooby Addicts.[1]

Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost/Scooby-Doo! Return to Zombie Island

These films have so many unnecessary problems, I don't know why WB even bothered.

UK order

  1. Mystery 101
  2. Party Like It's 1899
  3. Game of Chicken
  4. Poodle Justice
  5. Be Quiet Scooby-Doo!
  6. All Paws on Deck
  7. Screama Donna
  8. If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime
  9. Trading Chases
  10. Kitchen Frightmare
  11. Area 51 Adjacent
  12. Grand Scam
  13. Me, Myself, and A.I.

Times Daphne drove before Moon Monster Madness

It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine credits

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