Karl is the owner of a cheese shop in Wisconsin. He is also Fred Jones's uncle.

Physical appearance

Karl is an adult male who has a muscular build and short blond hair. He wears a gray collared sweater with an orange ascot like his nephew.


Karl has an Wisconsin accent, and he looked happy when he saw Fred and the gang, and he look concerned when Shaggy and Scooby returned from the lighthouse terrified.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

In the episode, "Fright House of a Lighthouse," Carl tells Fred that it was good to see him, and he asked him how much does he bench nowadays, and Fred tells him two-twenty. Carl tells Fred to don't feel bad, and that somebody he'll bench as much as him. When Shaggy and Scooby returned from the lighthouse terrified, Carl tells the gang that he should've told them earlier. He tells them the story of the Creepy Keeper, and that many years ago, on the shores of Lake Michigan, a cargo ship carrying a priceless treasure was headed for port, and its name was called the Dauntless. On that night, they had themselves one for the record books: a perfect storm, and it had one hope if it was going to make land: the lighthouse. But the lighthouse keeper was a sly, and shifty sort. On that night, in the middle of the terrible storm, he turned off the light, and he thought if he sinks the Dauntless, he'd be the only one to know where to dive for its treasure, but mother nature didn't agree with his plan, and a branch came in, and pushed him off the lighthouse, and Carl tells them that he may have sunk the Dauntless, but he never made it out of the lighthouse to claim his treasure.

He also tells them that a couple of months ago, the ghost of the keeper began to haunt the old lighthouse, and that ships are too scared to dock, and without the supplies from the port, their little town won't survive.

After the gang defeated the Creepy Keeper, Daphne tells Fred that his uncle is back in business, and Velma tells them to guess who's first in line.

In the episode, "Go West, Young Scoob!," He provided Mystery Inc. with train tickets to Cyber Gulch.[1]



  • It's never explained which side of the family Karl is on.