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Uncle Beauregard was an uncle of Shaggy Rogers (or possibly a great-uncle or great-great-uncle since he was in the Civil War). He bequeathed his mansion to Shaggy. When Shaggy went there to claim his inheritance.

Physical appearance

He is an elderly male with a white handlebar moustache and beard. He is dressed in a Confederate uniform.


Not much is known, except he did care for his nephew Shaggy to the point that he passed on his entire plantation and treasure to him, as declared in his will. He was also aware of Shaggy being in a mystery-solving group and that he and his dog Scooby-Doo enjoy eating. Uncle Beauregard was also a cautious and clever man. He left behind a series of clues to the location of his treasure, knowing that Shaggy would be able to figure them out. And knowing of Shaggy's enjoyment of eating, left the first clue in the refrigerator.


Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers

Shaggy and his dogs discovered a trail of clues and jewelry left by Uncle Beauregard (a treasure hunt game with real treasure) leading to the main stash of gold and jewels in the fireplace.



  • Beauregard is most likely a reference to P.G.T. Beauregard, a Louisiana-born American military officer, and the first prominent general of the Confederate army during the American Civil War.