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The mom is part of a family from Crystal Cove, that are always attacked by monsters while trying to take a vacation.[4]

Physical appearance

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Her absent-minded husband led the family to the ghost town of Gatorsburg, instead of New York, and fell victim to a Creeping Creature. They quickly sped away out of town.[1]

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Season two

She and her family were terrorized again at a haunted library.[2]

She was at the restaurant where Benson Fuhrman first received the side effects of using the Gentle Rainflower Body Wash for Men, which covered his entire body in hair.[5]

She was one of the Dandy Highwayman's "victims". In actuality she, like the other women, wished to simply get away from her boorish husband and liked having someone to talk to for a change.[3]



  • She is meant as a reference to Ellen Griswold from the National Lampoon's Vacation movie series, and she is even voiced by the same actress, Beverly D'Angelo.
  • She is the only one of her family to be voiced by someone different in each of the episodes she speaks in.

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Cathrine Bang Norum Norwegian


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