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"Tulie" is the name assumed by a once inventor turned demented hermit who is squatting in the cabin of Tulie's Boat Rentals of a swamp in Petit Chauve Sourie Ville.

Physical appearance

Tulie is a bald, Caucasian middle-aged male with bushy brown eyebrows.


He gave up living a regular life, because he had his flying shoe invention stolen and couldn't be compensated because he claimed it was because of a vampire. He was driving a bit out of his mind, taking on someone else's name and hiding out in the swamp, because of his mistreatment. He makes funny noises when describing how things sound and likes to eat leeches, especially in gumbo, and last but not least talks towards an audience that isn't there. He seemed completely satisfied by all of this, though, which he had been doing for two to three weeks. Although his quirks made Shaggy Rogers feel uncomfortable, he was friendly and hospitable by sharing his gumbo.


Early life

He worked in a shop in the main part of town, where he sold the drinky hat, while working on prototype flying shoes, but was stolen by Vincent Van Helsing in a vampire disguise. He filed for an insurance claim, but it didn't cover vampires. This led to him hiding out in the swamp for the rest of his life--almost a month's worth.

Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

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