The burglar worked as a spy trying to get the secret ingredients for Scooby Snacks. She took the alias of Trudy Lowe from the temporary nametag she was using at the beginning of her undercover cashier work at the gift shop.

Physical appearance

Trudy is a young Caucasian female with long brown hair.

She wears a predominantly green top in the gift shop, but under the Snack Monster disguise whe wore a skintight black casuit, with a balaclava until Fred removes it.


Trudy seemed unsure of herself in the gift shop she was working at. However, when Fred caught her sneaking around, it was shown that she was using her gift shop job as a cover for stealing the recipe.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Trudy Lowe in burglar outfit

Trudy in burglar outfit.

She and another burglar broke into the Scooby Snax Factory in Munchville, Ohio and tried to steal the recipe, but were sabotaged by the Scooby Snack Monster. She escaped while her partner didn't get off so easily.

She then took an undercover job as a cashier girl at the gift shop, temporarily using another employees nametag, Trudy.

While there, she tried again to steal the recipe, but this time impersonating the Scooby Snack Monster.

She approached the vault, while the power went out. But before she could begin to open it, she took off her mask and Fred, who followed her, recognized her. Hearing Fred, she took off and hid in a huge container of batter.

She was eventually caught, and her costume melted away in the stabilization chamber. However, the real monster appeared and pursued the gang. It's unknown what became of her afterwards, though she was most likely fired and arrested.



  • In spite of the fact that Trudy was not her real name, the end credits gave her the full name of "Trudy Lowe".
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