Traps Illustrated

Daphne finds Fred's magazine.

Traps Illustrated is a brand of magazines that Fred Jones, Jr. reads for new trap ideas.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Daphne Blake found one (much to her suprise) in Fred's house. He assured her, he only read them for the traps.[1]

Fred was reading one before class.[2]

Fred mentioned that the rest of the gang didn't know about Rick Spartan because they didn't read it.[3]

Fred held one while sleeping in bed.[4]

Season two

Fred read one while on the plane to Yucatan Peninsula.[5]



  • This is a spoof on Sports Illustrated, which has a swimsuit issue.
  • It also spoofs Playboy, because Fred says he reads it "for the articles."


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