Trap-Expo 3000[1] was a trap convention in Crystal Cove.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Fred Jones, Jr. invited Daphne Blake on a date there, but she declined as she didn't think he was being sincere considering his choice of place as she had been annoyed by his ignorance of her attraction to him. She eventually agreed and went after the Cicada Creature case was solved. They ended up getting caught in a net upside down and had to stay the whole night.[2]

Season two

Fred was tricked believing he was in a post-apocalyptic Crystal Cove by Judy Reeves surgically altered to look like an elderly Daphne brought on by the Planispheric Disk. But she blew it when she said that that he and Daphne's first date was at the Arcane-a-Rama Movieplex.[1]



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