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The Toy Robotus was operated by Tim Toiler, a toy maker.

Physical appearance

The Toy Robotus is a massive windup robot with an orange metal color, a blue metal half of his exoskeleton helmet, light orange yellow static on his antennae, and red heat seeking eyes. He has a chestpiece with the operator inside and the infamous Toy Maker Logo on it as well. Toy Robotus also has four grey tube like arms.

Powers and abilities

He has guided missiles that can fire out of his eyes, a laser gun inside his chestpiece, and four metal arms which can be dismantled with medium difficulty. These three weapons are each their own phase of his boss fight.


Scooby-Doo! First Frights

Tim Toiler

Tim Toiler revealed.

The toy man wanted to shut the amusement park down after his toys were no longer appreciated when it opened, so he created scarier toys to drive it out of business.


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