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The Toxic Terror was the disguise of Grey, a camp counselor.

Physical appearance

It's a mutant plant monster with an oozing face, green glowing moss on its back, and yellow misshapen teeth.


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Powers and abilities

  • Acid touch


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Early History

According to an old camp story, as the camp was being built, the workers discovered a toxic waste dump. Rather than telling the camp owner about it, the workers decided to cover it up. They did this by building Cabin 13 over the site. However, when a counselor and his pet cat slept in the Cabin, toxic ooze flowed out from a crack in the cabin floor creating the Toxic Terror. Ever since then, the Toxic Terror's been claiming people who sleep in Cabin 13.

Season three

Grey unmasked.

She wanted to prevent camp director Clyde from turning the place into an adult resort.

Once they knew it was a good cause, others at the camp put on costumes to make a whole group of Toxic Terrors to scare Clyde away.