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    • Saw this episode today.

      Sia has nice hair. Feel like hugging her.

      Didn't know Daphne had taurophobia. Probably got worried about the cows would mistake her hair for grass.

      Loved watching the gang and Sia riding on hop balls. Wish I had one of those.

      Sia looked like she had fun with the slide.

      A housekeeper framing Sia for jewel robbery? I think the frameup cliche is getting stale.

      Good episode so far. Can't wait to see who the gang meets next.

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    • Sia's trainer can easily be the Double

      The skills are a dead giveaway

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    • Anyone else get a The Ring vibe from how Evil Sia contorted and moved her body and how her long hair hung down obscuring her face, much like Samara?

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    • A FANDOM user
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