• In MI, the Creeper's costume is in the museum, yet Alice has it in Deacon's crypt. Did she steal it from the museum?

    Also, in "The Night the Clown Cried", in the end credits, Mitch Watson is credited as Random Citizen, but there is two (the one in City Hall during the scene with the people, and the one at the very beginning of the eps) Did he voice both or which one?

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    • It's been a while since I have watched MI, but I'll do my best trying to explain this.

      It's unknown if these are the actual costumes or recreations in the mueseum. She could have the original, or  the one in the mueseum is the original, and she has a recreation. Either way, one of them is fake.

      Now this one, I can't help you. I only know in-universe stuff, but I think that he could play any one of them, but mostly, random charcters like that end up uncredited, so probably one of them.

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    • Should we handle it differently on the page then? Maybe make it Random Citizens?

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    • Maybe all the 'costumes' in the museum are statues and Alice had the real one.

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