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Thraxy is a fictional character on the TV show Sternum to Sternum. He is the bodyguard of the Sternums, rich trap-makers who lead a dangerous lifestyle. Since the show is a semi-autobiographical fictionalization of the adventures of Brad Chiles & Judy Reeves, it's unknown if Thraxy has a real-life counterpart.

Physical appearance

Thaxy is a rugged-looking, middle-aged Caucasian male.


He described himself as handsome, and has a soft spot for Mrs. Sternum, who he affectionately nicknames "Mrs S."


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

He provided the intro to the series, in which he was employed by Mr. Sternum to look out for him and his wife.



  • This character parodies Max on the TV series Hart to Hart, including a very similar voice-over narration of the opening sequence of that show.
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