There Wolf is the second episode of season 2 of Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, and the twenty-eighth overall.


When Scooby complains of a stomach ache, the gang take him to an animal hospital that is being haunted by a werewolf.


At a place called the Dunsbury Animal Hospital, a nurse is tending to some of the animal patients then bumps in Dr. Dunsury who questions the nurse on her treatment of the V.I.P. patients. The nurse then treats a hamster patient with care and Dr. Dunsbury leaves. The nurse then notices an open kennel and looks for a cat named Gary. She then hears a loud noise from behind some curtains and sees a pair of red eyes. A Werewolf then appears from behind the curtains and attacks the nurse.

The gang is driving down the road with Shaggy and Scooby riding in the front because Daphne commandeered the entire back of the Mystery Machine. When Fred asks daphne what she is doing she says it's a surprise. Daphne then appears from the back dressed as a mime which the whole gang dislikes. Daphne tries to show off her mime skills in front of the gang but they ignore her. Scooby then starts feeling sick, which Fred claims must be car sickness. Shaggy decides to stop for cheeseburgers to make Scooby feel better, but Scooby says he's not hungry which scares the gang. Fred then drives to the Dunsbury Animal Hospital and the gang takes Scooby in on a gurney.

A nurse named Miguel is telling an old lady named Ms. Tuckle that no one is allowed in the back of the hospital, but she states she has to be there when her cat Lulu has her kittens. The gang then suddenly burst through the doors and Miguel gets scared of Daphne because she's a mime due to a certain mime related accident involving his parents. The gangs ask Miguel to let Scooby in but Miguel states that he can't because their full, but lets them in after Daphne threatens him with miming. Miguel fetches Dr. Dunsbury who explains that there was an animal attack and the creature is still loose in the hospital. Miguel says the creature was a Werewolf, but Dr. Dunsbury brushes it off as just a wild rumor. The gang volunteers to help solve the mystery if Dr. Dunsbury helps Scooby which he agrees.

Scooby is placed in a room and Dr. Dunsbury gives him a smock to put on. Scooby asks Shaggy to turn around while he puts it on when the door suddenly opens and the Werewolf appears. Scooby is terrified of the werewolf while Shaggy looks for food in the room and unknowingly throwing stuff at the Werewolf chasing it away. When Scooby shouts Werewolf Scooby turns around to see nothing thinking Scooby must be sicker than he thought.

Meanwhile, Fred, Daphne, and Velma go into the administration office. On the computer, Velma finds a page about the Werewolf. She reads an article title "Werewolf House" saying that before the old mansion was turned into an Animal hospital it belonged to a man named Theodore Meldon who was bitten by a wolf. Locals claimed the Meldon was turned into a Werewolf whenever the moon was full. No one knows what happened to Meldon but some ay he sealed himself in his house to protect the world from his other-self. Back at Scooby's room, Dr. Dunsbury decides to give Scooby a checkup but he is nervous, so Shaggy decides to take the checkup before Scooby which makes Shaggy scream in pain and faint. Fred, Daphne, and Velma are searching the hallways for the room Theadore Meldon locked himself into when they see something crawling past them. They look and discover that it's Ms. Tuckle who snuck past Miguel to see Lulu's kittens then crawls away with the gang following her. They soon lose her and Fred decides they should split up to find her, Daphne the encounters the Werewolf.

The Werewolf chases Daphne back to Fred and Velma where Fred pushes a medicine cart right at the Werewolf. They escape and meet up with Shaggy and Scooby and trie to block the door but the Werewolf burst through the door and chases them. The gang then crashes into some cages and they split up, the Werewolf enters the room Shaggy and Scooby are hiding in where they trick it by pretending to be hairstylists. After giving the werewolf a makeover they escape while the Werewolf howls.

Shaggy and Scooby meet back with Fred, Daphe, and Velma in the exam room, where Daphne discovers something in the trash and sees that its a sonogram of a pregnant cat. She tries to get everyone's attention but can't since she's a mime until she speaks out clue in frustration. When everyone looks at the sonogram Fred claims its Ms. Tuckle's cat, Lulu who is having five kittens, when Daphne tells them she found it in the garbage, Velma becomes suspicious. Dr. Dunsbury and Miguel arrive where the gang hides the sonogram and asks about the construction Dr. Dunsbury is doing. He explains that they started remodeling months ago and that they haven't gone near the south wing yet. Suddenly, Ms. Tuckle appears from the ceiling vents and then crawls out the door to Lulu's room. Ms. Tuckle reveals that Lulu is a rare breed of cat and that she's more like a dog. Dr. Dunsbury assures Ms. Tuckle that he will keep her up to date on Lulu's kittens which she thanks him for. The gang explores the south wing where they find a strange light coming from an incubator, Shaggy thinks someone is trying to make more Werewolves but Velma state it might be for contagious animals. They then check another room only to find the Werewolf.

The Werewolf chases the gang out of the south wing but then gets block by a locked door. Scooby tries to unlock the door with the controls but causes a big metal door to block their path and lets all the animals out of their cages. When Scooby finally unlocks the right door a musical chase scene occurs. The gang manages to get away and head back to Scooby's room where the lament on how Scooby's condition is getting worse and that they let all the animal patient loose. Daphne also admits that miming has done nothing to help when Dr. Dunsbury arrives who is upset that the gang has let all the animals loose and that the Werewolf is still around. Ms. Tuckle arrives and is very upset, she claims if any happened to Lulu or her kittens which she names she would sue. Daphne then realizes the names of kittens are the key to the mystery but the rest of the gang doesn't understand. She then mimes out the names and the gang finally understands and plans to catch the Werewolf.

The gang surprises Lulu by throwing her a kitten shower. The Werewolf arrives who chases them out of Lulu's room and through the hallways. They catch the Werewolf by making it slip on shampoo and conditioner, putting a muzzle on it, tying it up with a leash, and locking it in a cage. Outside in the morning, the Werewolf is unmasked and revealed to be Miguel. Dr. Dunsbury arrives announcing that he delivered Lulu's five kittens, which surprises Ms. Tuckle because she thought there were four. Which was what Miguel wanted her to think, Fred tries to explain the motive but Velma decides to let Daphne explain it instead. Daphne then mimes out the motive.

When Ms. Tuckle let Dr. Dunsbury take care of Lulu and her kittens he revealed to Miguel that their breed was very rare and worth a fortune. Intrigued by the idea, Miguel decided to steal one of Lulu's kittens to sell for a fortune, he took a sonogram of Lulu's kittens and discovered there would be five of them then he threw out the sonogram and told Ms. Tuckle there would four. When the gang found the article about the Werewolf legend Velma stated that someone was taking the Werewolf matter seriously since they've been researching it because Miguel made up the legend about the Werewolf and used his knowledge on wolf anatomy to make a Werewolf costume to scare everyone away from the animal hospital so he could steal one of the kittens and hide it in the incubator in the south wing which was the one place no one would go. That way he could keep the kitten healthy when he escaped with it. However, the police couldn't understand Daphne's miming so Fred cuts to the chase and tells a quick version of the motive.

After Miguel is taken away Velma thanks Daphne for her miming skills then asks her to stop it. Dr. Dunsbury then reveals that Scooby is fine and that the whole time he was just full, scaring the gang. Scooby then gets hungry which makes him happy, but Dr. Dunsbury reveals that Shaggy has a lot of medical problems and needs to stay overnight for tests. Lulu then speaks Scooby's catchphrase and the two get into a fight.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Werewolf (single appearance)(no lines)(Miguel's disguise)
  • Miguel (single appearance)

Other characters:





Suspect Motive/reason
Dr. Dunsbury Appeared out of nowhere in an eerie way.
Ms. Tuckle She dashed around like the werewolf.


Culprit Motive/reason
Miguel as the werewolf To steal and sell one of Lulu's kittens.


Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Fred Jones
Matthew Lillard Shaggy Rogers
Grey Griffin Daphne Blake
Kate Micucci Velma Dinkley
Edward Bosco Werewolf
Christian Lanz Miguel
Candi Milo Ms. Tuckle
Phil Morris Dr. Dunsbury



  • In the voice credits, Amanda and Dr. Dunsbury are credited as "Nurse" and Dunsbury, respectively.


Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • None known.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • None known.


Daphne reveals her mime outfit.
Fred: No.
Shaggy: Like no way!
Scooby: You've crossed the line!
Velma: Avert your eyes! Seriously guys, listen. (Daphne continues miming) If we're going to get through this one we must ignore her at all costs. Watching is what a mime wants, it gives it it's power.

Miguel: Aargh! Mime.
Fred: Uh, we have an emergency.
Miguel: Uh, sorry about that. Old reflex. My parents were involved in a horrible mime related accident when I was small. I can still hear the complete silence of their screams!

Fred: OK, everyone knows what to do?
Shaggy: Like yeah. But how will be know when? (The werewolf bursts in) Right.
Scooby: Obvious in retrospect.


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