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The Vanishing Girl is the first novel in the Daphne and Velma Young Adult series, by Scholastic.


Velma and Daphne used to be the best of friends until a family secret of Daphne's tore them apart, and they've been avoiding each since. But when Daphne's best friend--and Velma's cousin--goes missing, they must set aside their differences to work together and finding her, during which, will unravel the dark secret of the other mysterious disappearances that have plagued their town.


Popular Daphne Blake and über-nerd Velma Dinkley are not friends. They aren't enemies either, but they don't have any reason to speak to each other, and that's how they prefer it. The two girls grew up together - they'd been best friends since pre-K - but when they hit middle school, Daphne dropped Velma and never looked back.

These days, Daphne's deep in the popular crowd, daughter of the richest family in town, while Velma's an outsider, hiding from the world behind her thick glasses. When they run into each other in the halls of Crystal Cove High, they look the other way.

But then Daphne's best friend, Marcy - who happens to be Velma's cousin - goes missing. A century ago, there was a wave of disappearances in Crystal Cove, and many local people believe that supernatural forces were behind it. Now the whole town believes those same forces are back . . . and up to no good.

Daphne and Velma may be the only ones who can solve the mystery and save Marcy-if they can trust each other enough to try. Especially since the truth might be stranger-and scarier-than either girl can imagine . . .


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  • The book was followed by an audiobook version the next day, starring Taylor Meskimen, Em Eldrige, Amy Landon as Daphne, Velma, and the narrator, respectively.
  • An E-Book with a sneak peek at the second novel was released in July for a very cheap price.