The Ghost of Gorilla City is the single story of Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #15, by DC Comics.


Deep in the heart of Africa lies Gorilla City, secret home to a society of technologically advanced gorillas. When they get an unwelcome visitor in the form of an anthropoid apparition, they call on the Flash, who just happens to be in the company of experts, Mystery Inc.!


Mystery Inc is visiting Central City when a dragon attacks. The Flash has no luck fighting the mythical monstrosity when Velma notices that the dragon has no shadow, which clues Flash into it being a solid hologram. Flash vibrates at the right frequency to disrupt the hologram, and clues him into the identity of the culprit: Mirror Master . Flash ties him up, but immediately receives a teepathic distress call. Ready to answer the cry for help, Flash pushes the Mystery Machine (with the gang still inside it) to where the call originated from: Gorilla City . It turns out King Solovar was the gorilla who sent out the call. Solovar had a ghost problem, as Ghost-rilla had attacked the city prior. Flash checked all of Gorilla City, but there was no sign of any ghost. As there was no sign of the ghost, Velma suggests that the criminal was a gorilla. This led Solovar and Flash to suspect the only gorilla criminal: Gorilla Grodd, whom the gang had met previously as part of the Legion of Doom.

At that moment Grodd charges out of the jungle, crying for help. Grodd was not the force behind the ghost, he was haunted as well. Ghost-rilla quickly follow after him, and beat Flash, Fred, and Velma with relative ease. The ghost vanish soon after, and the changes cancelled. In order to find the criminal gorilla, Solivar and Grodd then share their memories with the gang. Once they were done, the ghost attacks the gang once more, transforming Flash into a mirror. Flash breaks out, and Daphne captures the true villain: a passerby named Rogar. Rogar wanted to drive everyone out of Gorilla City so that he could complete his building project. Rogar and Grodd were imprisoned, and all was well.


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Suspect Motive/reason
Gorilla Grodd Take over Gorilla City.


Culprit Motive/reason
Rogar projecting Ghost-rilla hologram To scare everyone from Gorilla City so he could steal fortune King Solovar's without interference.


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