Il Feroce Samurai (The Fierce Samurai) is an Italian children's book by Cristina Brambilla in the Misteri A 4 Zampe series.


During an exhibition of oriental antiquities a samurai takes possession of a valuable painting of a tiger.


Shaggy suggests that he and the gang all head over to the Museum of Oriental Art, so they feel like they can't say no. However, the traffic is bad so Shaggy suggests they ride bikes. They arrive and Scooby begins listing off names of Japanese dishes, however, the rest of the gang (excluding Shaggy) worry something's wrong. Shaggy quickly explains what he's doing, however, Scooby starts chanting "Mao". Everybody is once more worried, until they bump into Mao. Shaggy explains Mao is the man who donated his collection to the museum.

Scooby and Shaggy want to head over to the buffet, but Mao insists on showing them a tiger painting first. They head over and admire the work of art done on silk. However, Gioia appears and demands she gets the tiger back. Mao argues that her grandfather sold it, and she storms off. After a discussion between the gang and Mao, Magenta and Flip arrive and explain they want to buy it and make a coat. Daphne is infuriated and demands that they leave.

Once Flip and Magenta are gone, Scooby and Shaggy complain, stating that they are hungry. They head up to the buffet, but in the midst of all the fun, the word "Fukushu!" is shouted, the Japanese word for revenge. The samurai bursts in and steals the tiger! Upon reuniting with Mao, he explains that real samurai masks prevent moving one's mouth. Scooby comes out of hiding with some chopsticks.

The gang split up and has Scooby sniff out some clues. However, Velma scares Scooby by mistake and he leaps into a pot. Upon getting out, he discovers a colorful fan. They reunite and set the trap. The samurai appears and is quickly caught. Mao arrives on the scene and the gang unmasks the samurai as Magenta. Upon beginning to explain how they solved the mystery, Daphne says they first suspected Gioia, attracting her attention. They also get Flip, who is in shock that Magenta is the samurai. Once the gang is done with the wrap up, they get the tiger back.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:

  • Mao (single appearance)
  • Gioia (single appearance)
  • Flip (single appearance)


  • Samurai (single appearance)(Magenta's disguise)
  • Magenta (single appearance)

Other characters:

  • TBA





Suspect Motive/reason
Gioia Angry that her grandfather sold the tiger painting.
They wanted to turn the silk in the tiger painting into a coat.


Culprit Motive/reason
Magenta as the Samurai To steal the tiger painting and turn it into a coat.


  • TBA


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