The Creature Came from Chem Lab is the first half of the fourth episode of The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show. It was followed by No Thanks, Masked Manx.


The kids head to Hillside High, to help Daphne's cousin Jennifer out. It seems that a creature from the chemistry lab has been scaring off students and forced the school to cancel its dance. Does it have something to do with Professor Marsden, who believes kids should do school work and have no fun, or someone else?


At Hillside High School, a team of cheerleaders are cheering for the school, when a monstrous creature who's known as the Creature from Chem Lab scared everyone out of the gym.

The gang arrived at the same school to investigate the creature. They meet Daphne's cousin Jennifer who's a student at the school. Then they met her crush Toby Wallace, who informed them that the school dance has been canceled because of the creature much to her dismay.

They went to look in the chemistry lab, meeting the teacher Professor Marsden. Marsden claims to not know anything about the creature. In fact, he doesn't even care if it canceled the dance since he believed that students should focus on their schoolwork. After he leaves, Scooby set free dozens of frogs that are used for studying, and found a clue while trying to catch one. It looked like a piece of the creatures skin. Daphne instructs the boys to check out the gym while she has the piece analyzed.

While looking around the gym, the trio discovered the creature, who tries to catch them. Chasing them into the laundry room, Scrappy pushes a laundry cart into the creature, sending it out the window. Daphne shows up afterwards, where she reveals that the creatures skin is really painted foam rubber. They also found a computer disk the creature dropped.

While walking to the computer room, Shaggy and Scooby got distracted by the smell of food, and followed it to the Home Economics class just when class was dismissed, getting run over by the students. Jennifer informed them that the foods gone, and tasked them to taking care of the dishes while she heads for class. After Scooby effortlessly cleaned and put them away, they encountered the creature again. Upon being cornered, Shaggy regrets not going to the computer room, which cause the creature to leave. Fearing Daphne and Scrappy are in danger they began to head to race to their aid.

Meanwhille Daphne and Scrappy found that the disk is a Star Puppy video game. Just as Daphne was starting to figure out the mystery, Proffesor Marsden takes the disk and orders them to leave. Meeting up with Scooby and Shaggy, they once again ran into the creature. It chases them into the locker room where it got Scooby cornered. Fortunately, he was right next to a button that activates the bell, and upon it, the students trampled over the creature. It was unmasked as Toby Wallace much to Jennifer's surprise. Looking in his locker, they discovered a dozen video games. Toy was using the computer room to make copies of video games, then sells them illegally. He dressed up as the creature to hide his operation.

With the mystery solved, the school dance went back on schedule. While dancing with Jennifer, Scooby showed a new dance he made up called the creature dance, much to Jennifer's amusement.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Cheerleaders (single appearance)(miscellaneous speaking)
  • Janitor (single appearance)
  • Students (single appearance)(miscellaneous speaking)
  • Frogs (single appearance)(no lines)





Suspect Motive/reason
Professor Marsden The monster caused the dance he disapproved of to be shut down.


Culprit Motive/reason
Toby Wallace as the Creature from Chem Lab To pirate computer games.


Don Messick Scooby-Doo
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers
Heather North Kenney Daphne Blake
Andre Stojka Toby Wallace
Creature from Chem Lab

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The following credits are how they are seen on-screen (or as close as possible).


  • According to Jennifer, Daphne is a "famous" reporter.
  • Running gag: Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy frequently getting trampled over by a crowd of students at the bell

Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • Hillside Hi News, the Hillside High newspaper, has "High" abbreviated to "Hi" in its title. This may be an attempt at a pun.
  • When the school bell rang the first time, Scooby's tail disappeared right before being trampled over.
  • And the second time it rang Scooby's voice came out of Shaggy's mouth.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • The floppy disc is likely a 5 1⁄4-inch.

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Shaggy: (After getting trampled over by the students) Like, we gotta look out for that bell.

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