The Ascot Five Greatest Hits!

The Ascot Five: Greatest Hits! is an Ascot Five album, featuring their signature song, "Don't Touch My Ascot".

Songs featured

  1. "Don't Touch My Ascot"[Note 1]
  2. "I'm the Goof in the Classroom"
  3. "Mom Pressed the Crease in My Chinos"
  4. "Hijinx, Ballyhoo and You."
  5. "Pimples & Pockmarks"
  6. "Who Made the Egg Salad Sandwiches?"
  7. "Let's Have a Party in My Rec Room."

According to the cover all tracks are in "Exciting Stereo".


Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery

On the road to KISS World, Fred Jones revealed that he prefered the pop/soul music of the Ascot Five over the rock music of KISS, and went onto play the aformentioned song, which none of the gang liked.[1]



  1. Mislabelled as "You Can't Have My Ascot".


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