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Tex is the leader of the Rebels motorcycle gang in La Serena.

Physical appearance

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He is very tough and intimidating. However, he is supportive of his biker crew and helpful to anyone. He made a point of saying he can't stand ghost dinosaurs, as if he had some previous problem with them.


Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur

He entered Faith's All You Can Eat, to see Shaggy Rogers (under hypnosis) having beaten all his gang, which made him challenge Shaggy to a motorcycle race at midnight on Dead Man's Curve. By using the word "bad" just as the race began, he activated Shaggy's courage, and turned him into a challenging competitor. During the race, Tex nearly fell off the cliff but was quickly saved by Shaggy who told he wouldn't get out the race that easy.

Grateful for the rescue, Tex grew to respect Shaggy and continued their race.



Tex: It's just a l'il ol' bike race. How bad could it be?

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