Tamuka the Ghost Bull was a disguised helicopter.

Physical appearance

Helicopter Tamuka

Tamuka revealed to be a helicopter.

It appeared to be a giant, flying bull that had red eyes and large horns. Its fur had a slight blueish tinge to it.


It mostly just flew around and snorted.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

It was flown by Lenny to scare off people while Sam Farren stole and rebranded cows. It flew and often terrorized people while they were driving on a road. Tamuka's controllers also were disguised as the Talking Bull. Farren was in charge of the whole operation; their plan was foiled when Fred Jones found Farren's secret launch site.



  • The failure of observers (including the show's viewers) to see the obvious helicopter blades against the starry night sky must be put down to artistic license. Sometimes the show may present what character's fear and imagination makes them see rather than reality.
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