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Hello everyone, English speaking friends. I would like to know if we can add the French Wiki of which I am a part, to the list of languages ​​at the bottom of the home page. Have a good day !

Rewriting Gang description

A few ideas to spruce up this paragraph:

Titular character, Scooby, is accompanied by his best pal Shaggy as both vie for Scooby Snacks on their adventures! Velma brings her laser-focused intellect and initiative to collecting clues and solving mysteries. Fred is the team's leader who devises elaborate traps to catch the bad guys, while Daphne is bold and empathetic and keeps the Gang together.

"know as Mystery Inc."

should be "known as Mystery Inc."

FixedGatherer Hade (talk) 13:04, 18 July 2021 (UTC)