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Sunny St. Cloud is the cruise director of the Poseidon mystery cruise ship.

Physical appearance

Sunny is a comely woman either in her late youth or early middle age. The very portrait of a perky cruise director, she has impeccably pressed clothes, perfect hair, bright smile and an ever-present clipboard (with the event schedule).


Friendly and chirpy, Sunny takes her job as cruise activities director very seriously. While she is excessively theatric and merry most of the time, she gets annoyed when things throw off her carefully coordinated schedule. Indeed, when the ghost pirates attack the Poseidon, her biggest concern is that this was not a scheduled event.


Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!

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  • When Sunny is hypnotized and pressed into service on Skunkbeard's ship, she is shown manning the crow's nest as the lookout.
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