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Stink Eye is a native of Faja Manu.

Physical appearance

Stink Eye is a muscular Caucasian male, with a large chest, pecs and shoulders, and shoulder-length blond hair. He is shirtless, wears orange swimming shorts, and a charm necklace. He has jagged tattoos on both arms.


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What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Faja Manu was the island where the gang went for a vacation at Daphne Blake's father's company's time-share condo. He thought only the islanders should have the right to surf, which made him a possible suspect as the person behind Motoshondu. But after Daphne showed off her wave surfing skills (which had improved since the last time she tried them), Stink Eye was impressed and told her that she "shred that sick wave like an islander".



  • The nickname "Stink Eye" comes from the surfer term for a lingering glare.
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