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Steve Harwell is the lead singer of the band, Smash Mouth.

Physical appearance

he had black hair and brown eyes i wears a red and white hawai shirt i has blue tattos on is arms he wears shorts and loufers


He was pleasant to Mystery Inc., but he was a little abrasive to Frankie Martin when he caused a stir about their music destroying his sand castle, especially when he found all their instruments trashed in a pile of sand. When everything was settled, he compromised and did a song that wouldn't disturb them.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

He and his band were getting ready to perform at the at a beach in Australia for the annual Beach-A-Palooza Blast, which was opposite the International Sand Castle Competition. When Paul DeLisle and Greg Camp's rehearsal destroyed Frankie's sand castle, he came over to complain. Steve spoke up for his band, telling him they were invited guests. Nobody was backing down, until Rama Yam came and said they'd have to keep their music low and the sand thick.

Things got worse when Steve accused Frankie of destroying their instruments, keeping them from playing in the concert. He then threatened him if he kept on trying to control the beach, making the gang suspect Smash Mouth of being the Coral Creature.

After it was discovered that it was all Spencer Johnson's doing (using Rama Yam as a cover), Steve was more understanding of the sand building competition, and he and the band played "Fun".


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