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The station manager is in charge of the TV station, HBTV, in Coolsville.

Physical appearance

The station manager is a short, stout, middle-aged male, with gray hair, glasses, and a dark green business suit.


The manager is adamant about what goes on at the TV station and is suspicious of who he works with, handles, and who he hires.


A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

The manager was seen in the HBTV station parking lot with the Great Mel, who was putting off some performances he didn’t like or approve of. He mentioned to him two months prior he wouldn’t hire him, and them left the TV station.

Later, after the gang captured the Ghost of Al Cabone, who was unmasked as Prestina, the manager came to the station and was shocked to see it was Prestina. Little did he know, Prestina used the disguise of the Great Mel and Pop O’Conner to throw herself off of suspicion and in the hopes of shutting HBTV down for canceling her show to exact her revenge.