The Specter of Shadow Canyon was a secondary disguise for Ranger Knudsen, as his primary disguise was the Woodsman. He used it for airborne attacks, since it seemed to allow him to fly or glide. Even though Knudsen was exposed, it may still be real.

Physical appearance

She's an old hag with white hair and sharp teeth. She wears a black robe and hat.


She's extremely hostile and has a tendency to make a high-piercing scream.

Powers and abilities

The specter could fly due to a zipline Knudsen used.


Early life

According to legend, the specter of Shadow Canyon was the ghost of a lost hiker who was still searching for her way out. If anyone heard her terrifying wail, they were goners.

Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare


Ranger Knudsen dressing up as the Specter of Shadow Canyon.

When the gang found the missing RV in Shadow Canyon, the Specter showed up forcing them to escape in their jeep. The Specter tried to get them and landed on the hood, but Velma Dinkley slammed on the brakes sending the Specter flying off, while climbing up a slope to escape, the back of the jeep hit the wall and a rock spire that broke of the wall seemingly crushing her.



  • A post-credits scene revealed that the Specter is apparently real, not just a disguise of Ranger Knudsen's.
  • It's also believed that the Specter that attacked Scooby and the gang before they got out of Shadow Canyon was real, as it attacked them as they drove up and it's impossible for zip lines to go upward.
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